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Small Business ADVERTISING 3 Product Package: How Write More Powerful and Persuasive Display Ads… Online Sales Copy… and Brochures (Marketing)

Are you looking for a quick fix to all your underachieving advertising?
Want to grow your business using proven direct response marketing tactics?
Need some do-it-yourself tips to make all your display ads, sales letters, web pages and brochures much more effective?

Then this 3 booklet bundle may be just the ticket for you.

Increase Website Ranking

Included in one package, you get:

* 101 ways to make your small display ads pay off…
* 199 ideas for turning any web copy into an automatic sales generator…
* 79 tips for transforming a simple brochure into a marketing magnet…

This bundle is ideal for any small business intent on growing… any entrepreneur who whats to leverage limited marketing assets… and anyone whose job responsibilities include marketing or advertising.

It’s a combination package that delivers solid value… and it’s something you can put to good use immediately.

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24. August 2013 by O Jacobsen
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