The Mistakes Most Blog Sites Make

Starting a blog is dead easy. It should be pretty evident in the way there are millions of blog sites out there.
Bloggers are also a very busy lot – blogging can be the most time-intensive endeavors out there.
So what happens when you put time-strapped people in charge of a powerful new medium that they don’t really
have that much practice at? You get serious mistakes that can undo a lot of the hard work that’s put in.
Let’s look at some of the mistakes blog sites make, and find out how to avoid them.

Blog sites are not general-purpose magazines. There are major outlets for that sort of thing.
Blogs are by definition intended to cater to niches.
A lot of blog sites though are aimed at a vast range of subjects, and are kind of disorienting for readers.
You can certainly start out with a wider area of focus if you would like, but you need to watch your readership
and your feedback to see where you’re making the best impact. There are so many tools at your disposal now that
help you read and gauge your audiences like never before – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and your own comments section.
And do understand, feedback about how someone doesn’t agree with your point of view isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Anyone who runs a forum will need to have a set of strategies up their sleeve for how to deal with disruptive behavior. There will be comments from hecklers, trolls, and what have you. Sometimes, a heckler will be put down by other forum members, if they are enthusiastic enough about your content. Certainly, unpleasant feedback can be difficult to accept; but you need to be a good sport about it and need to know that dealing with unpleasantness is a rite of passage. The really good blogs will always invite an opposing view.

Both sides need to try every possible way to keep the readership up. If you are blogging for your business, make sure that you draw attention to the fact that information about the blog site exists in as many places across your business as possible – business cards, websites, e-mail, what have you. Make sure that your employees make a mention of it as often as possible among clients. Your blog needs to be a real part of the whole that is your business.

Bloggers often become irregular with their blog updates. But people need blog sites they like to be places they can turn to at any given time every week or every day and know that there’ll be something interesting there for them. But while you need to be regular, you also need to be sure that you only post quality content that is relevant. You don’t want anyone wondering why you phone in your content sometimes. And your best and most recent content needs to be right there where people can find it. When you don’t have relevant content to post, you could try getting in a guest blogger.

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30. March 2015 by Thomas K. Burl 111
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