Getting Traffic to Your Blog To Advertise Your Products and Services

Blogs are an essential part of the Internet for millions every day of their lives.

Amazon ImageHow To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day-Job With My Blog Here is a discussion on advertising and traffic getting tips. Advertising your products and services are a great way to be considered to help get more sales from the traffic to your blog.

Before you buy something online you usually want to get a feel for the product and find out whether people like you are getting value from it.

Blogs can be very revealing about the strengths or flaws of products. That is reason enough to use a blog as an advertising platform for your products or services. You can create praise and good buzz!

Use blogs to praise your own products

Because the recommendations of bloggers have a high priority – some blogs really have the reach of a newspaper – it is worthwhile to seek contact with the bloggers. This enables you to do a lot of cool things.

Advertise on blogs

This is easy – just book a banner ad. Look for a blog from that is interesting to your target audience and ask the operator for the conditions for switching on a banner. In many cases, individual placements are possible.

Comment in blogs

Access even in the event a blog, but please with factual comments that brings further readership. Platitudes will not get special attention – also self-praise is in blogs – just like in real life – out of place.

Many companies write comments on blogs to place a link to their website. Such blatant advertising is undesirable – the comments will be deleted. If it goes badly, you even have to pay a fee. Even more annoying are negative comments about you, who are determined to follow.

Send press release

Since the publication in a blog is similar to a publication in a newspaper, send many entrepreneurs unsolicited press releases to bloggers. It polite when you first send a request. Do not fall into the house with the door, ask to see if there is interest in press releases.

Invite bloggers

Why only invite editors to report? Invite bloggers to your events. Take travel and other expenses, in return you want a detailed discussion on the blog. Whether trade show, conference, meeting, road show or product presentation – a blog diary of your event is certainly a benefit.

Invest in remarketing Ads on Google or other ad platforms

If you place cookie code from your Adwords account on Google you can later show ads to people who have visted your web pages. This is called remarketing advertising and is a great way to get past visitors to make action decisions like buying when they had previously abandoned their shopping cart.

If you have a clever banner that speaks to what the past visitor is looking for you can get a 2nd chance and most likely convert them into a customer. at the very least you can convince them to join your mailing list.

More web traffic tips coming soon.

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