What exactly is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is ultimately nothing like the distribution of content and recommendations in blogs.

Thus, many companies and start ups can imagine and evaluate, for example in blog posts. But the idea of ​​recommendation and evaluation of products is one way to practice the blog marketing.

Start ups are often faced with the problem that advertising is simply too expensive to be posted to. But without advertising, it is not known and do not register customers or members of the start up.

But in order to be able to call a marketing action to life and generate first members and customers, many start ups fall back on the blog marketing, in which one’s own company or even individual products are introduced from the range and links.

The blog marketing is so successful because it is compared to some other marketing methods is cheap and very effective plus : Blogs have in most cases a readership base that reads like the new blog posts of the blog. A readership via RSS feed is available and will be informed about new articles.

Advertise on topics relevant environment

A blog is usually about a particular subject. Only some are willing to devote themselves to a wider audience of topics and write about it. But are especially important thematic blogs that fall within the scope of a startup. This can be very good topics relevant to advertising and that it is not only in the form of a banner ad, which is already too rarely clicked.

Relevant topics blog articles, blog posts, so the rest of the content of the blogs fit, compared to banner advertising enjoy more attention and can lead to better success. However, a clean mediocrity must be between Promotional and recommendation are found not to confuse the readers of the blog, or view directly: “This is an advertisement.” What is clear is that blog posts can be advertising, but can also be packed well as real recommendation.

For example, if you give bloggers your product for testing by the hand and let the writing freedom. These just are not only positive points, but also critical points, where criticism must always be constructive.

Blog marketing is convenient advertising

Compared to many other forms of advertising the blog marketing is beneficial because you do not necessarily have to pay with money, but also can reward the work of the blogger or blogger with coupons and products. Many companies have begun the work to compensate with money, some even use their own products and offer the blogger free products that you can choose from the private range.

However, the payment of money still cheap compared to other forms of advertising, because more than 90% of the blogs you pay once the work instead of constantly repeating rents for the blog post. This means that you can buy with just one payment a successful form of advertising that will only be removed from the blog, if the blog itself is deleted. And that happens only in the rarest of cases.

How do you find blogs?

There are several ways to find potential blogs for your blogging marketing efforts.

One very popular way is to own search for your target keywords via Google or other blog portals.

Then, the operator of the blog can be contacted by hand, which is not recommended but, as often your message is, therefore considered undesirable advertising as “spam”.

Moreover, the workload of this method is very high!

Easy does it on marketplaces.

Here you can register as a client and start a campaign to book on the blogs appropriate article. The payments must be paid only once.

A topic-relevant blogs will apply to your campaign you want report about your company or your product. They themselves can decide which blogs to allow and which blogs are rejected and thus have full control over your marketing measure.

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