Top 9 Best Children’s Books

Best Children’s Books

One of the best children’s books I ever read was The Bat Poet. It was a whimsical book by the poet Randall Jarell, and illustrated by the famous kid’s book writer Maurice Sendak. The Bat Poet was a perfect read for any kid who has ever felt a little bit different from everyone else. Watch Paper Towns Online The protagonist is a bat who doesn’t sleep during the day like the other bats. Instead, he likes to sleep during the night and come out during the day to look at the world. He tries to tell the bats what the day is like to get them to explore with him, but none of them are interested. He even begins to write poetry, describing the daytime world as well as the life of a young bat with his mother. I still remember memorizing the poems from the book when I was a kid; it will probably stick with me forever.

Randall Jarell himself wrote some of the best children’s books – books that are still being read today. Where the Wild Things Are is perhaps his most famous, but he wrote many other books that are just as good. Alligators All Around was my favorite alphabet book when I was a kid, and Hector Protector – about a young boy sent on an errand that he didn’t want to go on – is still one of the funniest picture books I’ve ever read.

Now that my niece is old enough to read a bit, I’m getting a chance to experience the books kids read these days. The best children’s book I’ve read with her is a picture book called Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems. Like many other children’s picture books, it is a story that stresses tolerance of those different from you. Watch Pixels Online Free It tells the story of the naked mole rats, a tribe of rats that always go naked. One day, a particular mole rat gets the idea of trying on clothes, and is immediately ostracized as a freak. When the oldest and wisest mole rat finds out about it, however, he tries on clothes himself and finds out that he likes it. The story ends with a wiser, more open naked mole rat society, where rats can go with or without clothes as they like. This story had humor, good illustrations, a compelling story and a positive lesson – surely the factors that all the best children’s books share.

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