Top 25 Strategies to build backlinks

Link Building Strategies: Top 25 Strategies to build backlinks to your website ethically and improve your search engine ranking for the long term!

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Everyone wants to be on top of their game; at home, in school, at work, and especially in business…

…The Internet has been tuned into just another fighting ground for businesses with the birth of eCommerce, due to its global accessibility and ease of use.

That said, everyone would want their businesses to be more visible to their patrons, leveraging their search habits and borrowing the power of search engines. However, there are some pitfalls that a beginner – and even veterans – fall into when optimizing their sites. These include:


  • Outdated techniques – those that may have been effective a few years back but would be an utter waste of time when done today
  • “Black hat” tricks – those unethical strategies that would (most of the time unknowingly) serve only to throw you into the bottom levels of the search results you are trying to climb.
  • Inability to understand trends – a common mistake even for veterans, when they are unable to ride the waves of change in the SEO industry


This book will help the reader – you! – avoid all of these mistakes and more when applied in the field of backlinking, an all-important SEO subsector that one must know about if they are to implement a successful SEO strategy.

Read on and know more about the basics and the nitty-gritty of backlinking, complete with the human factor involved in the art and the things you must never do. After reading this book, you will be on your way to being a master of utilizing backlinks to ethically improve your site’s page rank!

What you will learn inside:

Chapter 1: Back to Basics – Strategies 1 to 7

SEO optimization via backlinking is usually treated as an overly complicated matter by some people, but it does not always have to be this way. Many people with simple knowledge can build an effective SEO strategy through backlinking by following some fundamental rules. So what exactly are the building blocks of a successful backlinking strategy?

CHAPTER 2: Minding the obvious – Strategies 8 to 12

Many of those who had studied the basic building blocks of backlinking forget the fact that they are also end users of other people’s endeavors in the same field. Hence, they change the way they think and settle too much into the nitty-gritty, forgetting the obvious facts that can help them in their efforts. One thing that is important to remember – people will be looking for the same things in those links you have that you are looking for in the links you see daily.

Chapter 3: The Nitty-Gritty – Strategies 13 to 20

There are also some pretty advanced (at least for non-SEO experts) methods one can utilize to help greatly improve the chances others will backlink to your site even without you perusing countless forums to see where you can make an impact. Keep in mind that some of the techniques in this section will need independent training and these are outlines to give you a view on how they can increase your page quality SEO-wise.

Chapter 4: The Human Factor – Strategies 21 to 25

We know how much people love to be praised and recognized. And we also know how much people influence every single system on this planet, not the least of which is the Internet. Psychology plays a leading role anywhere, and it would be all for the better if we could use this knowledge to our advantage — in even such a field as SEO or backlinking!

Chapter 5: The 7 Don’ts

Like in everything else, there is a dark side to the art of building inbound links. And even if you are completely sure that you are creating backlinks through white hat methods, you need to be sure that the efforts you are putting into your strategy are not wasted. As mentioned earlier, SE

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WordPress specialists for web design

A good wordpress website designer will likely get your site off the ground and create an appealing site. Try to find out their strengths as well as their weaknesses. If you are designing a fashion website, what similar sites have they done before, what design skills do they have. How creative are they? If you are designing an ecommerce site, what development skills do they have. Have they designed database-driven sites before? What tools they use in their work? Consider also how well they know the industry. This will give them a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

But it’s not enough just to have a website—you have to have a website that looks good. People are attracted to websites that are eye-catching and interesting. If your website looks like it was slapped together in a minute, then that’s about how long people will stay on your page. Good wordpress website design is the key to attracting people and maintaining their interest.

Many people and business’ needing a website are more often these days using the wordpress platform to base their sites on, its important to use a good theme when building these sites as your visitors will appreciate the design aspects more, in this case its advisable to use a wordpress specialist in sydney if you happen to be living there.

Good wordpress website design contains good aesthetics, content, and accessibility. They say first impressions are everything, and first impressions begin with the superficial. Is it pretty to look at? Then people will want to look at it more, so it’s important that your website isn’t such an eyesore. The better your website looks, the more people will want to explore it and find out more about you. Next, your website has to be effectively informative.

If you write too little, people won’t know what you’re all about, and if you write too much, you’ll put your webpage visitors to sleep and they’ll click elsewhere. Put in a little attitude and people will snap up and pay attention. Finally, people have to able to navigate your website easily. Make sure that links work and that content is easily found, or else people will become frustrated with your user-unfriendliness. A good website is aesthetically pleasing, concise, and easy-to-access.

Website designers will offer site hosting services. If they do, do they offer support services and if so for how long will offer it without extra costs? What kind of support will they provide?

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