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Creating a Blog for a Company is critical.

The central question of marketing a company was and is: How can we get in direct and permanent contact with our potential customers, retain them as a customer and as a customer?

Marketing in the period of Web 2.0

Amazon Image The central question of marketing a company was and is: How can we get in direct and permanent contact with our potential customers, retain them as a customer and as a customer? Marketing was a whole basket of PR tools such as advertisements in print media, radio, television, outdoor advertising or product available to parties to reach their target audience. To make known one of the most powerful instruments, a product, a brand or business is “word-of-mouth”. Nothing is more attention than the personal experience and recommendation of a friend or close acquaintance. Such a recommendation can be trusted, that gets around. The disadvantage is the low range of the instrument.

Then the Internet took the opportunity to enter their own websites to clients or to use the Internet as another advertising medium. But it was only with the advent of Web 2.0 and social services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the company recognized the incredible opportunities to communicate directly with their target audience and bidirectional and thus the word-of-mouth propaganda to wear almost into the net. Social media strategies have been developed and here, when used properly, the corporate blog play a crucial and central role.

The corporate headquarters of the blog as a social media strategy

The blog has regularly reported its origins as a so-called internet diary in which people more or less out of her life. The word blog is derived from the word weblog , so a record of the Web, from. Today, companies, firms or public organizations use the blog as a dialogue medium to send information to the target group (potential) customers, suppliers or investors to receive immediate feedback. The better known and frequented a blog over time is, the more the information is distributed exponentially by linking to other blogs or websites. Search engines “love” blogs, because at high frequency to generate new quality content. This is one of the most important tools of the so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), whose goal is to catapult your own blog or website to the top of the search results list. For who can be found on the first page of the search list, is perceived and read.

A key advantage of blogs to social networks like Facebook or Twitter is that you do not have to submit to the regime of the operator. You have the full control over the design, presentation and content . The blog is so distinctive. This does not mean that other channels such Flickr, Slideshare and YouTube have no place in the strategy. On the contrary, all these channels can be used for specific purposes and audiences. In addition, the creation and maintenance of such a blog by the availability of web hosting services is not very expensive, but it has a huge reach. The corporate blog can be used as a central newsroom in which all the threads together and is thus perceived as a unique overall concept.

So what do you think? Are you convinced?

What is certain is a good blog contributes much to the success of marketing at . It is important that it fits into the overall strategy of the company and is perceived as a strategic tool. A company must be aware that on the other side due to poor content or unpleasant contemporaries, fast negative headlines can be generated, which spread like a virus. The web does not forget that the control of a negative campaign is no longer possible, as some organizations have discovered painful.

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